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Joe Rappaport

International Sales & Impact
Brooklyn, NY
For the last two years I've been working with my team at MPOWERD to transform lives with thoughtfully designed, clean technology--specifically our Luci lights. From concept to creation, every detail of our business is deliberate. As a Benefit Corporation, we set strict standards for ourselves, ensuring that our work enhances both society and the environment. Our innovative products give people around the world the power of self-reliance as well as moments of wonder—because we believe everyone deserves to be empowered and inspired regardless of where or how they live.

I'm looking to connect with individuals and corporations who are interested in becoming part of and supporting our Give Luci program.

Since 2012, MPOWERD has sent Luci lights to over 100 countries, affecting over 2.6 million lives. Our nonprofit partners use Give Luci lights for life-saving search & rescue missions, disaster relief, improving community health and safety, education initiatives and families who live without access to electricity.

Watch how our lights make a real difference here:


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